Hossan Leong   
Actor, Radio DJ, Producer
Training since: 2006

The only way to know if personal training works is to see results. And with Remy, the results have been very noticeable. My fitness level has improved and I am slowly attaining what I set out to achieve. He does not push me beyond what I can take and so the next day, I don't get the terrible aches and pains I used to get with other trainers. Remy also varies the workout routines, from weights to cardio to kick-boxing. Our workouts are never boring. He totally understands what my ultimate goal for my fitness level is and we work together to try to achieve that.

Paul Carr
Communications Consultant
Training since: 2006

Remy is the perfect teacher... patient, instructive and teaches by example. Remy also has the unique ability to be able to modify your overall programme to cater to your daily energy and fitness levels. He knows how to bring out the best in you and deliver results.
With his creative, professional and caring approach Remy has been able to allow me to experience fitness levels that I've not experienced for twenty years.


Mahesh Asrani  
Finance Director
Training since: 2004

I have always looked forward to training with Remy. He is very focused and sincere during our training sessions and never fails to ensure that the training program is never too heavy but is effective at the same time. He ensures during training sessions that the training systematically covers all muscle groups in my body. He has a knack for reading an individual’s mind gauging one’s body to see if we are feeling normal for the session or on some days if we are more tired or less active to tweak the program accordingly resulting in a work-out for us that is always refreshing and never tiring.


Tabata Luczay
Top Japanese/Brazilian Model
Training since: 2006

I am glad to have Remy as my trainer as he is very professional and cares for my well being. Remy always tried to help me out when my schedules clash with his as I have very irregular schedules. He also taught me proper nutrition for my body so as to make sure my body and health would be in an optimal condition. After a few weeks of training with him, I saw visible results for my body and was feeling very healthy and fit as I consciously followed his advice about nutrition and my training sessions.

Thanks to him, I did really well in Singapore for all my jobs, as the clients I modeled for were very happy to see me in good shape physically!


Dr Vanessa Phua Mae
Aesthetic Physician, freelance media artiste
Training since 2004

Remy’s training sessions are filled with fun and challenging exercises. He is very encouraging, and would set a training pace that is both effective but attainable. I train with him on average twice a week, and sometimes 3 times a week. The results of the training were rapid; I saw improvement in my physique in a mere 3 months. I had last 2.5 kilogrammes, reduced my body fat composition and had
improved muscle tone. I also felt more energetic and alert in general. The beauty of his training is that every session is different and varied, with goal-oriented targets.

Remy is a perfect example of a role model for his clients, as he trains and works hard. He makes his clients feel unique and respects our needs; he makes it a point to take me schedule into consideration and gives me training slots which match my lifestyle. He is conscientious at work, and has a knack of making his clients feel at ease with him.


Malaysian Top Model
Training since 2006

Remy’s focus is not just on physical training but also on my complete physical well-being. During the course of the work-out, he advises about the quality and quantity of food intake, the need for mental relaxation and also about my body’s needs for other physical activities. He keeps himself updated and attends various courses to improve the quality of his training. I have been beneficiaries of some of the courses, which he has attended. This surely is one of the advantages of being trained by a professional personal fitness trainer.

I am very glad that I made the decision of hiring Remy despite my initial hesitancy of getting a personal trainer!


Vince Canzares
Top Model in the Philippines

Training since 2006

I am always motivated to attend Remy’s training sessions and look forward to them, especially during the weekends when my energy level is higher. I find his training intensive but it does not totally wear me out. He sets a pace that I can cope and at the same time feel like I am improving. The routines are varied every now and then to challenge different muscle groups. Although I have worked out in the gym prior to hiring Remy, he has greatly improved my physique and has taught me on proper exercises and nutrition.


Fay Chin Robinson
Model (Newpaper Newface Finalist)
Training since 2004

I fee that Remy fits into the category of an ideal personal trainer, that is, one who is not only knowledgeable, hardworking and organized, but also one who is pleasant, has good interaction skills and can provide great support and encouragement to his client. It is evident in the many loyal clients that Remy has that I’m not the only individual with this view. I would recommend Remy to anyone in search of a good personal trainer who could help them achieve their goals through a series of enjoyable workouts.


Natalia Endo
Training since 2006

Remy provides truly customized individual instruction and real personal support. I received ways to work my muscles and formulate my diet that produced results that I had never conceived of. Really, doing what Remy says with your training equals results. His consistently high standards, caring attitude and indefatigable credibility lend to the online professional fitness industry what is often sorely lacking.


Stephanie Tan
Marketing Executive & Part-Time Model
Training since 2003

Remy has always been friendly, approachable and we had something in common, modeling. Being a part-time model, I needed someone who understood what the modeling industry required and had to be in great shape. We trained on a frequency of three times per week and the results were amazing after an eight-week program. I secured many modeling assignments and the investment of hiring Remy was worth every penny.


Kee Yaw Yee
IT Consultant
Training since 2004

Prior to Remy, I have trained with 3 other personal trainers before. What separates Remy from the other trainers that I have engaged before is the fact that he is into fitness 100% and is not on a part time basis. The fact that he also trains hard himself serves as a role model and inspiration to his clients. He constantly improves himself through courses and as his client I have also benefited from that.

His easy-going personality has made the training session enjoyable as we share stories of the week past and have a laugh once in a while. In my opinion, it is much easier to train with someone whom you are also friends with.


Anthony Aroozoo
Executive Housekeeper
Training since 2004

Remy is a 'no nonsense trainer' who knows his job and gives his clients his 100%. I look forward to his training sessions as his training sessions are always enjoyable and my sessions with him have been my stress relievers. The pun 'no pain no gain' is so apt when you train with Remy. I look forward to his training sessions as he continuously motivates me to get my body in better shape by providing his fitness advice.

Although, I could never achieve his physique, nonetheless my body has never looked and felt this good in all my years of training with personal trainers. He is his own walking testimonial.


Shaun Ng
Freelance tennis coach
Training since 2004

In the gym, Remy always encourages me to put in my best efforts while at the same time ensures that my safety is never compromised. Outside of the gym, Remy also constantly encourages and reminds me to maintain healthy eating habits so as not waste the efforts that I have put in my gym training with him. One year on, my joints are now much stronger and the aches I used to have been greatly reduced since then. Besides that, the additional benefits of decreased body fat and increased musculature have also improved my overall physique. All this has improved my on-court mobility as I am now much fitter and leaner and can enjoy the game of tennis much more now. In retrospect, I can safely say that it was one of the
best decisions I have made when I engaged his services despite my initial hesitations.


Hiroaki Shino
Director, State of Missouri Japan Trade Investment Office
Training since 2004

Three years ago, when I was in Singapore Grand Hyatt Hotel, the fitness club arranged the personal trainer Remy for my training. I was very impressed during his training. I travel extensively and had trainers in various part of the world like Los Angeles, London, and Paris etc. Even though Remy is not my home trainer, he was still able to develop my maximum ability. With his coaching, I was able to work out beyond my normal limitations. He instantly recognizes my health condition at the first glance and gives me comments and suggestions for not only training but also on diet and lifestyle.


Timothy Chung
Education Trainer
Training since 2005

Right from the start, Remy was very clear about how he would help me. As I did not any past experience with gym workouts, he worked on my form. He also studied my posture and tracked my diet. As I have less time for the gym these days, I have asked for a more general form of fitness program and he has complied. In addition, he has introduced to me new stretching techniques, an area that I needed a lot to learn as my body is usually very tight.


Shabnam Arashan
Advocate & Solicitor
Training since 2005

Remy’s approach is a simple one, he does not push me but is more about working out on an effective level to achieve my goals. He shows me exercises which are helpful and those which are dangerous or are a waste of time. As a result of Remy’s tenacity and dedication, I am fitter and toned.


Anders H. Schau
Ship Finance Professional
Training since 2006

During my training with Remy, he managed to push the limits I thought was impossible. Through his determination he has inspired me to exceed my initial goals by has putting together a healthy weight loss program. Despite being an active sports fanatic, I didn’t realize, my career needs to be balanced with a sensible fitness and health program, Remy made me realize this.


Brenda Ng & Family
Training since 2006

Remy takes pains in tailoring programs for his clients. He has helped my knees to perform again those tasks that I have avoided since menopause two years back. This was made possible by the many ball squats and lunges Remy goes through with me on my work out sessions. He doesn’t give up on his clients but wins them over instead with his doggedly patience.


Terrence and Charlene Wong
Operations Analyst and Credit Officer
Training since 2006

I will be lying if I were to say that my first few sessions with Remy were smooth sailing. Having been a "couch potato" for forty years and trying to start exercising was like climbing Mount Everest. Previously, my so called exercise regime only involves brisk walking on the treadmill for ten minutes once every few months and even that I felt giddy after climbing down from the treadmill. To manage my expectation, Remy took pains to customize programs for my husband and me. During training, Remy's attention on us were undivided and this enable him to ensure that we get our posture right thus avoiding body injuries which is very common if exercises are not done in the proper manner. His zest for knowledge to upgrade himself as a persona trainer also benefited us as he was able to offer us in depth explanation of each form of exercise that was introduced to us.


Linda Low
Singapore Distributor of Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT)
Training since 2003

Remy has helped me to listen, understand, look after my body and not be afraid to challenge myself physically. He have been responsible for me gaining control of my health and fitness and has instilled my new found belief in the power of exercise….quite simply without my personal trainer that would not have happened.


Faheem Faiz Bin Mustaza
Full-time National serviceman (NSF)
Training since 2006

I was training with 2 personal trainers before meeting Remy. I have always wanted to build more mass and gain weight as I have always been skinny since young. Since engaging Remy since Dec 2006, I have gained approximately 12kg since my starting weight of 48kg to achieve a current weight of 60kg.Moreover, the weight I have gained was made sustainable through following Remy’s dieting advice. I would definitely recommend Remy to anyone who is seeking to gain weight and sustain that gain.

Remy is accommodating towards me and constantly tries to fit me into slots that suit my timing due to by busy schedule serving NS. During his training, I feel at ease during training as Remy is attentive and makes conscious efforts to correct my mistakes during training and is certified to provide CPR or other contingency emergency measures should the need arise. He also makes every training session enjoyable as his easy-going nature helps lighten the mood of the session and he also shares his life experiences which adds that hint of personal touch to the overall experience.


Geeta Devi
Flight Crew Attendant
Training since 2006

To see oneself get out of shape is the most horrid feeling ever... But to find that strength and determination to counter it is the biggest challenge ever! Taking on that challenge was the best thing I've done for myself.

Remy was introduced to me by a friend who kept raving about the results she had achieved... True enough, I gave Remy a shot and I have never looked better! With guidance and push from Remy about my diet and correct exercise techniques, I could see results which kept me determined to go on training with him. He even incorporates Kickboxing in his training sessions so there is variety and a total body workout.

Compared to my lazy self before, I am a lot stronger and more energetic. What's even better, I feel great and like what I see in the mirror. It surely keeps me motivated. YES, taking that big step to get myself a personal trainer was surely the best thing I've done for myself.


Anne Koh

Japanese Trading Firm Manager
Training since 2005

Remy is accommodating but a no nonsense trainer. He is a patient and pays detail to the right techniques and is able to push me to do a bit more though I am quite a lazy trainee. Remy is a good motivator for me to go to the gym in between my hectic work and travelling schedule.


Patricia Mack
Vice president, Claims & Liability Management
Training since 2005

I discussed my training objective and the frequency of my training sessions. I am very happy to say that with my determination and Remy's motivation, I was able to reach my desired dress size within six (6) months of my training and my body was also well toned.

Remy is very committed to his profession & he always up-grade himself by attending courses which as his client, I have also benefited from it. My fitness level has improved since I started training with Remy. I enjoyed our training sessions, it was fun & enjoyable and what started out as a client relationship has deepened into friendship.

I will not hesitate to recommend Remy to my friends or to anyone who is interested.


Edmund Phang
Civil Servant
Training since 2007.

Remy is able to understand my training needs well, and conducts his training session at my comfortable pace. He offers value-added advice on how to maintain my healthy lifestyle and improve on my physique. I always look forward to training with him.


Ong Tiong Hui
Alumni Relations Manager
Training since 2003.

I have trained for quite some time with Remy and he has been very professional in his approach. As a result I have never got hurt during training. The results have been significantly better when I paid attention to his advice on food intake and have been quite dramatic in the last 12 months. This has boosted my self-confidence and made me happier about my appearance. Now my son, Kevin and I both train with Remy. The resistance training together with kick-boxing provide excellent cardiovascular workout as well as strength-building. It is also a great opportunity for father and son bonding under the supervision of an excellent coach.

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